Quira Medios, June 2020


por Felipe Duran

En una hacienda incrustada en las faldas del Sumapaz, el día comienza oficialmente  para todos los artistas cuando se grita “a comer” para llamar a la mesa. Cada quien coge su plato y se sirve un desayuno vegetariano compuesto de productos locales como la guatila y el café que cultivan los vecinos y productos que vienen de afuera como la miel de maple que alguien trajo de Vermont o la mantequilla de maní que viene en tarro de vidrio y se consigue en los supermercados gringos.

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International Women’s Day

We are in a point in history where the old structures inhibiting the full power of women are slowly eroding. Let us continue the journey, and celebrate all women, individually and collectively, who have helped ArteSumapaz become what it is: the women who’ve worked here; the women who’ve made art here, the women who’ve doctored; the women who have farmed; the women who have written, and painted, and sculpted, and photographed, and edited, and cooked, and fermented, the women who’ve inspired, who’ve played music; have sung; and informed, and led – the women who’ve helped us all live; in work and play and fully participate in the richness that is life.

Announcing volunteer/residency opportunities

As we enter our seventh month here at ArteSumapaz, we are so grateful for the many volunteers who have shared their time and energy with us. Volunteerism wasn’t really a part of our dream to begin with, but a chance meeting with someone who had participated with the volunteer platform Workaway turned us on to the possibilities; and since then, we’ve had over 30 volunteers from all around the world!

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Photos from Joseph Puglisi

Recent photos from resident/volunteer, Joseph Puglisi, in August-September 2019. Many of Joseph’s photos are used throughout this site (thank you, Joseph!).

Ric Dragon leading drawing workshop

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Kirsty Nicoll AIR

Scottish artist, Kirsty Nicoll, has been our second international AIR. As she had been traveling through South America prior to her arrival, Kirsty had a limited supply of materials with her; she has used the opportunity for a very personal investigation of self-portrait. Many thanks to both Kirsty and Joseph Puglisi for the following interview.

Inerviewer: Joseph Puglisi

Joseph: What is your name and your cultural background?

Kirsty: I’m Kirsty Nicoll, and I’m from Scotland. 

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Nils Verkaeren

In July 2019, we had our first official artist-in-residence, the Belgian painter, Nils Verkaeren. I had first seen Verkaeren’s work via a recent book, and was excited to have him working here; the actual experience was even better than I could have anticipated. Not only is Verkaeren a remarkable painter, but his energy for life and work is energizing.

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