The Pets of ArteSumapaz

We have three dogs and two cats at ArteSumapaz. In reality, we don’t think of them so much as “our” pets, as we are their humans. The dogs, who are all rescues, have an incredible amount of liberty, and will happily follow you to town.

Ray Chimba

Ray Chimba was the first of our dogs. He trotted up the driveway one day, skinny as could be, and terribly skittish. Since then, he’s gained some weight, and has been the muse of many a drawing and song. The phrase “Re Chimba” is a colombian colloquialisms  for “really cool,” but also not considered polite in some circles.


Named for the classic Dolly Parton song by a seven-year-old Colombian, Jolene is a black hole for food and affection. She has resisted any form of “training,” and is forever trying to sneak her way into a bedroom or kitchen where she can cause mischief. It’s because of her that we’re always exhorting everyone to keep doors closed.


Often called “Chocolate” by folks in the neighborhood, the name was given to her by some visitors who were looking to reclaim this esteemed indigenous word for “warrior princess” from  a less polite bit of street slang. She is every bit as sweet as this photo of her, above. Along with the other two, she will accompany you on hikes of whatever duration.

Cookie and Yucca

One of the fun games for newcomers to ArteSumapaz is trying to learn the difference between these two sisters, Yucca and Cookie. They were part of a threesome abandoned at our doorstep on a dark and stormy night. (The third went off to live on a cool farm in Boyacá with a former resident).