Current Residencies Available

Artist residency designed for visual artists, musicians, writers, architects, clay artists, performers, and other makers.

We believe that a key part of the AIR experience is the commensality – those wonderful conversations we have while sharing a glass of wine and a good meal. Thus, the idea of these new restrictions are daunting; yet needed for going forward in the near future.

  1. Travel to Colombia now requires proof of vaccination. Please see the official web pages for updates. In general, we find the US Embassy website is helpful.
  2. Minimum residency length: Four to 24 weeks; coordinated arrival dates help us take care of everyone. Limited space available.
  3. ALL residencies begin at the beginning of the month.
  4. Fees: The fee per artist are:
    Private Room and bathroom: $825 US per four weeks ($875 after 1 Jan 2024), which includes all meals, a private room with bathroom, and private or shared studio space.
    Shared Room and bath: $675 US per four weeks ($725 after 1 Jan 2024), which includes all meals, private room and bath, and private or shared studio space.
  5. Artists are responsible for their own materials and transportation to and from ArteSumapaz. We have a special car and driver available for pickups from El Dorado Airport in Bogotá for about $80 US.
  6. Space for partners and children available: we always welcome partners and children, as well as groups such as music groups. Please inquire about fees.
  7. Please note that residents are expected to help post-meal cleanup and to help maintain sustainable practices such as recycling and energy conservation.

OR – If you have any questions before applying, feel free to send us an email.

Residents, January 2022