The Team

Pedro Crump

ArteSumapaz president and co-founder Pedro Crump is a renowned composer and pianist, and has produced several recordings of Colombian-Jazz fusion.

Location and Facilities
Crump served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Fundacion Natura Colombia. Most recently, Pedro has been leading circle-singing workshops based in Bogotá.
Ric Dragon
Executive Director

Executive Director and co-founder Ric Dragon is an North-American artist based in Colombia, who is also a former marketing executive, author of two books on marketing, former professor of marketing at NYU, as well as an international speaker on marketing and business strategy. Dragon has formerly served on the board of the America-the-Beautiful Fund, as well as those of several arts organizations. Dragon´s art has been exhibited in many group and solo shows.

Peppa Herrera
General manager

Peppa is a practitioner of circus arts and passionate about all forms of art. She studied cadastral engineering. Peppa takes care of many aspects of the day-to-day operations of ArteSumapaz.