Mission and Values

Our Mission is to nurture the creation of and the connection with art and culture in Colombia, through the respect for and inspiration of natural resources and community.

ArteSumapaz exists to help heal the trauma of conflict and violence; to help artists realize new forms of perception and artmaking; and to improve the awareness of Colombia internationally.

ArteSumapaz was created on the premise that the arts can fundamentally enrich the lives of both artists and communities. Inspired by the examples of Black Mountain College, the Bauhaus, and countless communities, ArteSumapaz will provide an approach to arts education to aspiring artists in Colombia designed to open up new approaches to living and art. The cultural center is focused on a love of nature, and a concern for the exploitation of the planet. All activities will be held up to a philosophy of environmental sustainability, inclusiveness, and the idea that the sharing of culture is paramount.


It is said that values are characteristics that if absent, you simply wouldn’t be who you are. Values that are at the very core of ArteSumapaz include:

  • Sustainability – low or zero waste, water harvesting and re-use
  • Consent – consent is fundamental to our governance, as well as our daily lives
  • Repair – always endeavor to repair in the face of conflict, and help to heal the effects on the land
  • Inclusiveness and diversity – include all aspects of society: race, gender, religious beliefs, gender preference
  • Community outreach – include the surrounding community

Also see, our founders’ manifesto.