Sculpture Park Colombia

A proposal for an art park in Latin America

All across the world, people have created sculpture parks of various sizes. In Japan, there is the famous Naoshima Island. In New York State, there is Storm King and Art Omi, and in Europe, there is Domaine Du Muy and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

While Colombia has been home to smaller parks such as Medellin’s Nutibara Sculpture Park, Plaza Botero, and a handful of private gardens, nothing approaching the larger scale art parks has been created in the country. Part of the wonderful dream of ArteSumapaz is inspired by the large swaths of grassland and woodland; to create a large scale sculpture park.

We are inviting artists and curators to submit proposals for loans or donations, or for the conceptualization of new projects. We’re particularly interested in projects that include a relationship to the land, itself, as well as a connection with the nature of Colombia.