Getting Here

Driving from Bogotá

International flights to El Dorado Airport, Bogotá Colombia (nearest airport). Private and public transportation can be arranged from the airport to ArteSumapaz.

There are various ways to get to ArteSumapaz from Bogotá (the nearest large city). If you are attending a residency at ArteSumapaz, we can arrange transportation from Bogotá, including directly from the airport. The cost for that trip is around $75-$95. (depending on exchange rate)

The bus system in rural Colombia is fairly robust. In general, in Bogotá, get yourself to one of the two main bus terminals before 4 pm on any given day, and ask for a bus to San Bernardo, Cundinamarca.

Here is one company:

Cootransfusa – their website doesn’t seem to function, so you should call. This company has a lot of buses, including Fusagasuga (Fusa) to Portones and San Bernardo (Portones is the closest stop to ArteSumapaz). Phone: (+57 1) 873-9999

NOTE: driving up to ArteSumapaz from Bogota can be as quick as 2-1/2 hours in the middle of the night – but during the day, it can take several hours more. There is a lot of construction going on in Colombia these days!

Most of the buses depart from the South Terminal, or, if you’re closer to the Bogotá airport, Terminal de Salitre, in Bogota.

Important! The last bus for San Bernardo from Bogotá leaves around 3:00 pm daily.

If figuring out which bus to take is too complicated for you, the important thing to keep in mind is from Bogotá, you’ll be taking one of many buses to Fusagasuga (Terminal de Transportes). From Fusa, you’ll be taking a bus to Portones, or all the way to San Bernardo.

From San Bernardo to ArteSumapaz

Let us know when your bus leaves Fusagasuga for San Bernardo so we have of idea of when you’re arriving in San Bernardo. You can take any one of the number of cars for hire in the village next to the bus stop. They generally charge 20.000 to 30.000; and you need to ask for “Hacienda Australia, en el Via de Portones a Pandi.” Most, if not all, of the car drivers know of the place.

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