Intentional Community for Artists, Musicians, Writers, and other Makers

One of the long held objectives at ArteSumapaz is the creation of intentional community; in order to create an ongoing community to provide continuity to the overall project, and to act as guardians and caretakers of the land and water. In April of 2022, we signed the agreement to purchase the property, and have embarked on creating the community.

There are two sections to the community: Cuatro Vientos and Dos Quebradas. Both areas are currently open to new members.

Illustration of bamboo structure in construction

Illustration of la Caldera bamboo shelter in construction by Eva Kelly,

The individual homes community Cuatro Vientos, is an area in which members can construct their own homes according to community agreed standards of a maximum of 95 square meters (about 900 square feet). The contribution for members is currently $47,500 USD. Additionally, there is the opportunity to build a home of 47 square meters (450 square feet) for $27,500.

Dos Quebradas is in the model of an EcoAldea (Eco-village) and is an area in which members may construct their own bio-construction homes up to 35 square meters (375 square feet). There will be a shared kitchen structure. The contribution of non-Colombian members is currently $20,000 USD.

If you are interested in becoming a member, we recommend that you first come to ArteSumapaz as a resident for at least one month, to become acquainted with the land and project. If you are interested, please contact Ric Dragon at

Recently constructed cottage of 40 square meters