Volunteer Residencies

ArteSumapaz has an ongoing program for volunteers in support of our mission. Volunteers receive meals and hostel-style housing in exchange for a minimum of four hours of work per day, and a seven dollar per day donation to cover the cost of food. There are a maximum of five spaces available for volunteers, with additional availability for half-volunteers/half-paid-residency.

It is preferred that one-time volunteers commit to a time period of four weeks. More flexible arrangements can be provided to volunteers from the region, who may be ongoing volunteers.

There are seven major volunteer passion-areas. It’s preferred that someone commit to one of the areas, and become committed to the objectives of that program. It is an advantage when someone is able to be self-directed in their activities. The programs are:

The House

In general, support permanent staff in the maintenance of the house inside, and around the outside of the house, maintaining bedding, clean surfaces, and general organization.

The Garden

There are both ornamental and food gardens at ArteSumapaz. Tasks include weeding, planting, harvesting, and negotiating various bugs that wish to claim the various plants as their own food source. The forestation project is more aspirational at this moment, although we are seeking experienced individuals in the planning phase of reforestation projects.

General Maintenance

This includes larger scale weed-cutting, mowing, trail creation and maintenance. Skills include working with machetes, weed trimmers, mowers, and other tools.

Office Work

This might include clerical work, marketing, social media, and other activities which are generally indoors and on a computer.


Construction projects include masonry, painting, and other light construction tasks.


While the kitchen has permanent staff, there is a great deal of continuous work needed with cooking, baking, creating meal plans, food-buying, and organization.


This is a nascent program; still in the planning phase. We wish to organize workshops, classes, and other programs for youth, the elderly, and other groups living in the local vicinity. We also wish to create a satellite program with the nearby town, comprised of a community museum and exhibition space. There is a need for planning, strategy, and organization, as well as execution.

While not a requirement, many of our volunteers come to us through Workaway. You can see our profile here; https://www.workaway.info/961597242325-en.html

If you are interested in attending a volunteer residency, please write to us.

Also, see our Volunteer Agreement in english, or in spanish.

“Volunteering Is the Best Kept Secret for Mental Health”