Fundación ArteSumapaz is an arts and culture center located in San Bernardo, Cundinamarca, Colombia.  We provide residencies for international, national, and emerging artists. We are developing concerts, art park, and exhibitions, as well as projects focusing on organic agriculture, reforestation, and intentional community.

Location and Facilities

ArteSumapaz is located on Hacienda Australia, on 181 fanegadas (116 hectares, or 288 acres).  The property  is located in the municipality of San Bernardo, Cundinamarca, about three hours outside of Bogotá. In recent years, the property had been used as a cow farm, although historically the farm was part of a larger coffee plantation.

The main house is a hundred-year-old-plus historic hacienda, while the communal art studio is over 250 square meters. Several other structures are being renovated for use by artists, musicians, and writers, as well as other activities. READ MORE

El Granero is our exhibition and performance space, located in a restored barn, that had formerly been a working space in the coffee plantation. See our events for exhibitions, concerts, performances, and more.

The Communal Studio was created from a former working building on the farm, and is the main shared artmaking space. It features a triple-height ceiling, and large wall walls. An etching press is available for printmaking, including monotype and etching.

The Bookbindery is located in the writers studio, and includes a wide range of equipment for hand-bookbinding.

The Stable is an open-air studio, with a small electric clay kiln and a workbench. The ground here is naturally rich in clay, which is easy to harvest.

Casa Tasmania is a separate house for volunteers and other staff.

Shared room

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Beds in one of the shared rooms


ArteSumapaz is to be a center for the arts with:

ArteSumapaz is located on 181 fanegadas (116 hectares, or 288 acres). The property  is located in the municipality of San Bernardo, Cundinamarca. In most recent years, the property had been used as a cow farm, although historically the farm was part of a larger coffee plantation.

Each of the parts of the center would complement the activities of each group. The residencies would expose students to the thinking of international artists, while the community would create a backbone of social continuity. In turn, members of the community could participate in and benefit from the activities of the school and residency.

ArteSumapaz is focused on the arts as its principal mission.

Also see, our statement of values and mission, and our manifesto.


Pilgrimages and sacred lands

This is a brief approach to the native peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the metaphors that inspire them. A story based on the chapter Sacred Geographies from the book The Wayfinders by Wade Davis.

The Value of Art and Culture

The New York Times recently published an article written by Jason Farago, The Arts Are in Crisis. Here’s How Biden Can Help. Below, I’m sharing the first and last paragraphs, as I feel they pertain to ArteSumapaz and our endeavors.

Traveling during Covid

Some great info in this article. Also, there is 24 hour testing available in Bogotá near the airport, although i believe it is now a requirement to have a negative test result before entering the country. If you haven´t seen it, we now are offering special residencies during the time of Covid. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/tips/flight-covid-test/


Ric Dragon, Director

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