Forest Restoration

The region of San Bernardo was the original coffee zone of Colombia (now Quindio), and was comprised of about six large plantations. ArteSumapaz is situated on one of those original “fincas.” And although later, the property was converted to the raising of cattle, visitors exploring the property can still see small areas of native forest around certain areas, and discover a richness of habitat that is difficult to even imagine.

One of our vision projects is to bring about forest restoration (as opposed to just reforestation) on much of the land, in a way that can be integrated with the development of an “art park.” We are currently seeking alliances with universities, and offer residencies to students who would like to study the natural habitat, and create a plan for forest restoration.

Most recently, ArteSumapaz has joined the Restor platform, and will be sharing data on the project on an ongoing basis.