Inaugural Artist Residency Fellowships of the Victoria’s Secret Global Fund

Fundacion ArteSumapaz, in partnership with the Victoria’s Secret Global Fund, announced its 2024 fellows, a cohort of Colombian women artists whose projects encompass a wide range of explorations in the visual arts including painting, sculpture, drawing fabric arts, and other disciplines. The fellowship awards these visionaries twelve transformative one-month residencies, granting them the sanctuary to support their creative process, foster business acumen and carve pathways in leadership and innovation.

The selected artists include:

The twelve artists represent the inaugural cohort of Fundacion ArteSumapaz, an initiative sponsored this year by the Victoria’s Secret’s The Tour Impact Fund. The Impact Fund is dedicated to championing gender equality in the arts and advancing economic empowerment in the cities of the Tour ’23. The Fund will provide critical support to organizations in Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo working to:

  • Advance the opportunities available to and success of women entrepreneurs: Empowering and equipping women entrepreneurs with the resources and opportunities they need, the fund aims to foster sustainable growth and economic empowerment.
  • Create opportunities for emerging women artists: Recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity and aiming to provide emerging women artists with platforms to showcase their talents and flourish in the art industry.

Ric Dragon, Executive Director of Fundacion ArteSumapaz said, “This year, as we celebrate our fifth anniversary of the creation of the center in San Bernardo, Cundinamarca, we are thrilled to provide artistic residencies to twelve Colombian women artists. Women are too often underrepresented in institutionalized arts organizations globally. Also, through the cross-connection of the communities of international artists visiting the center, along with the local communities, this represents an opportunity to create new connections, and more resilience in the Colombian artistic community.”

The selection of this year’s selection process was helmed by prominent women in the Colombian arts community including: Claudia Hakim, Director, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá; Joyce Lamassonne. Director of galería Lamazona; Peppa Herrera, Director of artist residencies and manager at Fundación ArteSumapaz, and the Colombian artist, Luz Lizarazo.

The ArteSumapaz Fellowship for Colombian Women Creative Residencies was supported by the generosity of Victoria’s Secret. In the spirit of partnership and progress, Victoria’s Secret extends their commitment to these artists, paving the way for a legacy of empowerment and equity in the arts. Together, we are forging a future where women artistry is not just celebrated, but integral to the fabric of global culture and commerce.