Founder’s Manifesto

Recently, in meeting with another foundation director here in Bogotá, I was inspired to write my own manifesto:

Global warming. War. Famine. Disease. In the face of these countless crisis we face in our world, we believe that the presence of art provides a deeply abiding affirmation of hope. Inherent in art is a constant questioning of the status quo, of what is established, what needs to be questioned. It gives individuals the permission to look both more deeply within and in the world around them. It elevates the taking of time to contemplate, to observe more keenly the relationships of all things with everything. We explore the stories and myths that abide in our collective memories, that guide us back out of our struggles, both as a people and as individuals.

The people of Colombia have suffered from over fifty years of violence and civil war. It hosts one of the largest populations of displaced people on the planet. Its history is one that is both profoundly beautiful – the home of countless cultures and spectacular natural beauty; yet possessing a legacy of violence and exploitation. It is here that we plant a seed of culture, with the dream of becoming a light and source of hope, to celebrate the innate beauty and joy of humanity in art.

See our statement of mission and values, and our vision.