Do you need any donations?

IF you look about the house, or with friends, and see any books or DVDs you´re no longer using and would like to find a home for; we are always seeking donations of those things. The same for old electronics – as people here in Colombia can always use those things, as they can be terribly expensive for them to purchase. 

How do I get to ArteSumapaz from Bogotá or the airport?

While there are buses from Bogotá to the nearby town, during this time of Covid we recommend you taking a car from the airport to ArteSumapaz. We can arrange the driver to meet you at the airport. The cost is about $100 US. We can pay the driver and you can reimburse us via Paypal if needed.

Also, we’ve been successful hailing an UBER from Bogotá. If you do so, you’ll want to take an Uber Comfort, as smaller cars can have a tough time on some of the roads.

Can I buy art supplies there?

Art supplies of decent quality are difficult to purchase here – in general, we advise bringing as much as you think you’ll need. There are some shops in Bogotá, but anything of decent quality has been imported, and is thus priced more to cover shipping and taxes. Seriously, bring art supplies.

For the time being, US Amazon has been offering free delivery and without duty on some items. We have an address in Bogotá to which you can safely have things shipped, and then someone can bring it up from the city.

Some of the better shops in Bogotá:

For paintings, artists generally work on temporary stretchers, and then roll the paintings. Silicone release paper can be handy for lining the paintings.

What should I bring?

  • Shoes or boots for hiking
  • A good hat for the sun
  • Sunscreen
  • Audiophones: we work really hard to keep all spaces peaceful and quiet so folks can work.
  • Mosquito net for hat – some people have found these handy while hiking
  • Rechargeable lantern can come in handy for the occasional power outage.
  • Any sorts of creams or lotions that you really like – these things can be difficult to get here

Do I need a visa?

You will be given a 3-month tourist visa upon entering Colombia. You can extend it for another 90 days in the calendar year.

Do I need a return ticket?

Sometimes there might be someone at the airline, or even at immigration control in Colombia that might insist. Many travelers purchase a refundable return ticket before heading to the airport.