Diana Beltran, mid-career retrospective

Mid-career retrospective of the work of Colombian photographer, Diana Beltran. Born in Bogota in 1978, she received her Master of Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia.

While you would definitely place Beltran in the niche of “photographer,” not only has she work in other media, but her photographs push at the edges of how we define photography; as if that medium was serving yet a higher means.

She has had solo and group exhibitions in Colombia, Spain, the USA, Germany, Peru, Venezuela and Singapore.  Her first exhibition was in the Art Museum of the National University in a collective curated by Gustavo Zalamea, exhibiting her work with the leading figures of Colombian art as Beatriz Gonzalez and Bernardo Salcedo. After graduating with honors, she traveled to Spain, where she received a master’s degree in fine art photography in EFTI School in Madrid, participating in her degree work in Photoespaña2008. In the same year she won the first prize of photography Novel Dove. In 2010 she returned to Colombia with an exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce entitled Photo Dimensions. In 2013 she participated in the exhibition Emerging Generation curated by Eduardo Serrano. Her most recent production focused on the wide concept of photography was showed in CasaCano Gallery.

Incidentally, some of Beltran’s ancestors and extended family were from the nearby village of San Bernardo.