Residencies in the Time of Covid

Announcing an artist residency designed for these times of Covid-19 for visual artists, musicians, writers, architects, clay artists, performers, and other makers.

We’ve been brainstorming how to re-open the AIR program at ArteSumapaz. Back in March ‘20, we went into lockdown with 13 artists, and learned a lot in the process. We believe that a key part of the AIR experience is the commensality – those wonderful conversations we have while sharing a glass of wine and a good meal. Thus, the idea of these new restrictions are daunting; yet needed for going forward in the near future.

So, how will these new residencies be different from other types of residencies?

  1. ALL newly-arriving residents will be in a 7-day quarantine.  Travel to Colombia also requires a negative Covid test. See below for details about quarantine – really, not that bad at all!
  2. Minimum residency length: One to three months; After all, if you have to spend a week of your time in quarantine (as open as that is), you should still be able to spend sufficient time to participate in the community and focus on your work! Also, coordinated arrival dates help us take care of everyone. Limited space available:
  • 2-months, MAY/JUNE
  • 1 month, JUNE
  • 3 months JUL/AUG/SEP
  • (If there is interest, we may make a couple of the slots above available as 2-months, July and August)
  • 1 month Nov 16-Dec 16
  • 3 months OCT/NOV/DEC
  1. Fees: The fee per artist is $750 US per month which includes all meals, private room and bath, and studio space. Artists are responsible for their own materials and transportation to and from ArteSumapaz. We have a special car and driver available for pickups from El Dorado Airport in Bogotá for about $100 US.
  2. Space for partners and children available: we always welcome partners and children, as well as groups such as music groups. 

Quarantine Process

  • All rooms have a door directly to the veranda or outside; so you can move freely between the house and your studio, or if, in fact, you want to wander about on the 116 hectares/286 acres of the property.
  • No communal meals – instead meals will be served in the dining area, but each resident will take their food to eat in their own space.  
  • You will have access to the library/sala and the dining room, but will be required to use facemasks and social distancing. This, and the dining room, where there is a water kettle, coffee, etc, are the only indoor communal spaces.
  • In all other instances, the only other limitation for those two weeks is that we’ll be social distancing.  
  • Depending on the nature of the studio you wish to work in – there are small private spaces, and the large communal studio, as well as an open-air, covered area.

OR – If you have any questions before applying, feel free to send us an email.