Important Information for your residency

Please be sure to review the guide to the residency community at ArteSumapaz as well as our FAQs.

Some important notes:

Transportation: If you are interested, we do have a car service that can pick you up from the airport, or from Bogotá for about $80 USD. If you’re interested in the car service, please message Peppa at with your complete flight information or address in Bogota. We can go ahead and pay the driver, and you can reimburse us afterwards.

Arrivals: Please be here on the first day of the residency period unless otherwise agreed upon. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Also, we cannot do intakes after 7PM on any day other than the first of the month. 

Cash: It’s a good idea to bring a $20 bill and exchange it at the airport for pesos, just so you have some pocket money. Otherwise, the best idea is take money out as needed with a debit card at an ATM. We do not recommend bringing a lot of cash, othewise.

Whatsapp: you should have already given us your Whatsapp number, but if not, please feel free to send a message to Ric at +57-312-475-9852. We’ll be creating a group for each month of the residency, so that folks can connect, and for group communications during your stay.

Recommended Readings

Magdalena by Wade Davis. While not written by a Colombian, Davis does a great job of bringing in the voices of Colombians into the narrative.

Critique Is Creative: The Critical Response Process in Theory and Action, by Liz Lerman. We’ve been integrating CRP more and more here. A free PDF brief is here;

Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg. NVC has been a mainstay of the community creation we’ve had here at the residency. “