LETS COLLECTIVELY FIGHT THE CISHETEROPATRIARCHY! (It affects us ALL, not just trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people)

ArteSumapaz as a community acknowledges that gender and sex are not binary,  and not everyone identifies as a man or woman / male or female. Neither are we en titled to know anyone’s gender nor sex nor sexuality and we must not assume! Assuming that being cisgender and heterosexual is the norm is very harmful and contributes to homophobia and transphobia which very commonly turn in to violent  hate crimes and deprivation of basic rights. 

Some helpful and important vocabulary: 

Transgender: relating to a person who’s gender identity does not correspond with  their assigned sex at birth. 

Cisgender: relating to a person who’s gender identity does correspond with their  assigned sex at birth.  

Non-binary: an umbrella term for gender identities outside the gender binary  (there are several) 

Ways to show up as an ally 

  • Practice using various pronouns. 
  • Don’t apologize if you mess up, just correct yourself. 
  • Correct other people if they misgender someone. 
  • Don’t assume anyone’s gender nor sexuality. Use they/them pronouns and gender  neutral language until they / someone close to them tells you their pronouns.
  • Normalize introducing yourself with your pronouns and adding them to your social  media bios etc., this creates a safe space for gender variant people to do so.
  • Educate yourselves and those around you, have difficult conversations. It is not the  job of LGBTQIA+ people to educate you. 
  • Don’t impose cis and heteronormativity on anyone, especially on kids. They are  never too young to learn about various gender and sexual identities.
  • Listen to and amplify LGBTQIA+ voices, especially BIPOC and disabled ones.
  • Use inclusive language, don’t forget that trans men and non-binary people  menstruate and give birth too. 
  • Acknowledge your privilege – it is a privilege to connect with the gender assigned  to us at birth, it is a privilege to not be misgendered. 
  • Make sure your feminism is intersectional, the patriarchy does not only affect cis  women.



  • Friends 
  • Folks 
  • Comrades
  • Loved ones 
  • Theydies and gentlethems
  • People / Person 
  • Partner 
  • Sibling 
  • Parent 
  • Child 
  • Royalty 
  • Leige 
  • Highness 
  • Wonderfulness 
  • Excelence 
  • Goddexx 


  • Diose 
  • Linde 
  • Hermose 
  • Guape / Guapi 
  • Mx. (pre x) 
  • Hije 
  • Hermane 
  • Amigue / Amigui Veci 
  • Chique / Chiqui Latine 
  • Elles 
  • Seño / Señore Marica 
  • Amor 
  • Tie 
  • Compañere 


They / them / ze / zir / xe / hir / ae AND MANY MORE (English) Elle (Spanish)

May we work to create a safe and nurturing environment for all, free of  any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any kind of  discrimination. We are not perfect and there will always be new things  for us to learn and unlearn due to years of societal conditioning. May  we stay open-minded and help each other grow and be aware and  concious of all identities and expressions. May we collectively  dismantle all oppressive systems, and make space for all marginalized  communities and folks!

By. Minelle

A Small Piece of the More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible

I’m reading Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore from the  extensive Arte Sumapaz library, enjoying the ideas about working with the soul’s shadows; to ask how our shadows might help,  to acknowledge longing, desire, anger, melancholy or numerous aspects of ourselves, in favor of becoming intimate with this facet of our personal diamond.  What does our soul want from us and how can we fully express its longing as much as possible in this incarnation? 

Deciding to explore my true nature has meant dropping most other things I used to know and value – productivity, money, reputation, work, home – to explore a sense of creative freedom. I was a good-enough citizen for so long, holding a house, relationships, work and life together. Then, undoing and dismantling, seeing a picture of what I’d been unconsciously driven by, healing the unconscious and erotic, leaving corporate life to become a sex coach. While that jigsaw may never be complete, it’s good enough for now. 

I lived abroad in my twenties as a teacher and always had a sense I’d do that again in my fifties. Now I’m beginning a future jigsaw, carrying a piece – me – in my hand, wondering who, what or where the four pieces are around me, what frame and picture I might be a part of. It’s daunting and full of potential, leaving the UK in a pandemic to live in other parts of this beautiful world. 

Working with my renaissance-soul creative personality instead of attempting to deny or transcend it, is helpful. Giving in to myself, no longer berating myself for being a dilettante, accepting that multiplicity is enhanced by depth. Dealing with three or four projects is fun, having something of a broad remit for myself here, at peace that only some of the daily fifty ideas before breakfast might be fulfilled in this lifetime. If this sounds like you too you could be at home here amongst the other renaissance souls, polymaths and creative visionaries. 

I can get so in my head with ideas and forget to notice that existence is miraculous. While pondering what to write today in this safe Andes bubble, I hear birdsong from little red or yellow flitting feathers, there’s a hawk above circling the territory, countless butterflies and black and yellow long-bodied wasps in a valley of misty restful green. The internet went down in a storm, so it’s a time to enjoy digging the garden, wellies and shorts on, talking immersive theatre, gender identity and philosophy with the volunteers and artists. It’s good to begin to meet new people again – thoughtful, healing, questioning – I’m in awe of the distance they’ve come, the humility in recognising all was not well, commiting to the journey to wholeness, contributing to being the change.

Reading Joanna Macy, World as Lover, World as Self, I like her insight into three ways we can make a contribution to a greater reset: Shift in Consciousness – self awareness in a personal spiritual revolution, Holding Actions – stopping future destruction with activism and Structural Change – building new models. Being at ArteSumapaz where we are building new models of possibility in living, in art, in community, I feel less helpless and furious. This place holds a high vision, there’s cause for optimism. Awareness and pleasure activism is probably where my re-emerging joyful, practical nature contributes best, I may never get to the barricades. Being at ArteSumapaz, where we have open art crits, share ideas, offer mini-workshops, we see and support each other’s creativity. Sharing my writing from my yet-to-be-published book with the group is a gift of considered feedback. It’s creative refuge in a Colombian paradise. I’ve been happy every day here. Realising it’s been a while since I’ve felt that, I’m in deep appreciation of the space ArteSumapaz holds, to give us glimpses of what might be possible in a new model for future living. 

AIR: Matt Lasensky

“I studied engineering and was in a rough place during my studies. I’ve always loved drawing and decided to take an art class and it changed my life. Art has been my greatest hobby since and continues to be an outlet for me. I’ve mostly worked in factories and manufacturing settings and I’ve always loved machinery. I find old, rusty industrial equipment aesthetically beautiful in a wabi-sabi kinda way. Conversely, being in nature is my other great passion, which is what drew me to ArteSumapaz.”   

From: Pennsylvania, USA

Artistic Preference or Outlets: Mixed media

Three Words: Cleansing; Peaceful; Stimulating

Most Beloved Memory at ArteSumapaz: A percussive jam session on the patio under incredible stars. Great music, people, conversations, and overall time well spent


AIR: Kirsty Nicoll

Kirsty Nicoll is a Scottish artist based in Leiden, The Netherlands. She graduated from Leith School of Art in July 2021. Prior to this, she received an MA in Art History from Glasgow University in 2017. Since leaving university in 2017, her main focus has been travelling, working at a seasonal job in London between trips. In 2019, a month-long residency at ArteSumapaz reignited her love for art and led her to apply to art school. She has a background in textiles, designing and selling fabric at her family’s linen mill in Fife. 

From: Scotland

Artistic Preference or Outlets: Painting, analogue photography, silk screen printing

Three Words: Enlightening; Nourishing; Grounding

Most Beloved Memory at ArteSumapaz: Watching the sunsets over the gorgeous mountain view together every night.



AIR: Antoine Sugita

Born in northern France into a musical family, Antoine Sugita began studies in piano at the age of four. Winner of a competition in contemporary music interpretation at ten, he completed his studies at the Conservatoire de Lille with Alain Raes. Antoine’s passion for improvisation became clear with time, and his music has been chosen for several short films. Filled with a warm and peaceful atmosphere, Antoine is now focusing on both music production and composition. A new album will be launched beginning of 2022 with the purpose of showing many facets of his music.

From: Lille, France

Artistic Preference or Outlets: Musica

Three Words: Trust; Simplicity; Balance

Most Beloved Memory at ArteSumapaz: The simplicity of Ric and I sharing both Christmas and New Year’s Eve by ourselves, with good food, beers and a chess board

“As a ‘new artist’, I was in this new phase of sharing my music, the open/true heart and speech of Ric, really accompanied me in this journey of launching my first album of improvisations. As a symbolic act, I put Ric’s favorite improvisation (of mine) in the album, called Grateful. Ric also made the cover of my album! This experience could not have been better.”


AIR: Poppy Litchfield

Poppy Litchfield is an artist whose work examines the passing of time and its interaction with environment and human experiences. Working across the mediums of print, installation and video she aims to engage audience with interactive and event-based work. She received her BSc in Psychology, Durham University, before working in artist residency spaces. Central to her work is an ethos on communality, considering how space can change and facilitate exchange. Poppy is currently doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art.

From: Derby, United Kingdom

Artistic Preference or Outlets: Print, installation, video

Three Words: Connecting; Nurturing; Community

Most Beloved Memory at ArteSumapaz: Countless kitchen moments preparing food together whilst dancing in the kitchen.



AIR: George Crotty

Canadian cellist/composer George Crotty’s inquisitive eclecticism embraces fiddle-derived ornamentation, the agile one-finger gestures of Indian classical music, adapted electric guitar techniques, and the bold articulations of jazz bass. One half of the Loose Roots Duo with West Coast fiddler Gabriel Dubreuil, and leader of his titular world-jazz inflected Trio, the Toronto-based Crotty’s modernist genre-bending is heavily influenced by his hometown’s vibrant pluralism.

From: Toronto, Canada

Artistic preference or outlets: Cello, improvisation, performance, recording

Three Words: open; heart; presence

Most beloved memory at ArteSumapaz: a viaje under the stars

“Rick, Pedro, and the current residents when I visited pre-covid were so warm, generous, encouraging. I cherish the experience, and look forward to visiting again.”





Healing Trauma through Art

In January 2020, my body was breaking and I had no idea why.

It started with drastic weight loss, grinding my teeth at night, constant headaches, and stomachaches. I wasn’t sleeping at night and was drinking too much. I was irritable, picking fights with my loved ones, and felt the need to isolate myself. My only hobby was watching Netflix. When I went to my doctor with my list of concerns, I burst into tears because I couldn’t understand why everything felt so messed up inside. She diagnosed me with depression and listed the recommended treatment options.

Even then I knew; her diagnosis was only a piece of the picture. 

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ArteSumapaz and the Future

Hace poco llego a mis manos un breve escrito anónimo que se titulaba ¨El nuevo ser humano¨ el titulo me impacto y leí su contenido.

A grandes rasgos decía que el ser humano del futuro encontrara el significado de su vida alineándose con la naturaleza. Reconocerá que es parte de ella. Y navegará en ritmo con sus ciclos, descubriendo sus secretos y haciéndose uno con la tierra, el agua, el aire y el fuego. Honrara lo sagrado del misterio de la vida. Y vivirá en amor pues comprenderá que es uno con El Todo.

Estas palabras por supuesto resonaron en mi. Aun cuando algunos no lo quieran reconocer, estamos ante un gran cambio, el inicio de un nuevo tiempo, uno de espíritus despiertos. Como lo expresa el psicólogo y autor Bill Plotkin, en su libro La Naturaleza y el Alma Humana - Nature And The Human Soul, :

¨... actualmente contemplamos la posibilidad de un cambio radical y fundamental en la cultura humana - de un elemento suicida que destruye la vida a una forma de vida digna de nuestro potencial humano y del sueño que tiene la Tierra para sí misma. Lo que tenemos ante nosotros es la oportunidad y el imperativo de una transformación cultural completa - lo que la eco-philosofa Joanna Macy llama el Gran Cambio, la transformación de una egocéntrica ´Sociedad de Crecimiento Industrial´ a una ´Sociedad centrada en el alma y el cuidado de la Vida´…¨

-Bill Plotkin

Esta transformación se ve por todas partes y cada vez con mas fuerza. Hay un importante sector de la población que esta trabajando en ello y lo hace desde su propio camino, es decir: escritores, filósofos, economistas, científicos, documentalistas, artistas, arquitectos, poetas etc. que están enfocando sus esfuerzos hacia la construcción de un mejor vivir para humanos y todas las demás especies vivientes.

 Cada vez somos mas individuos participando y promoviendo el encuentro con nosotros mismos y con la naturaleza, de la que somos parte. Y cuando una persona despierta, afecta a todo su entorno y así, uno a uno, el proceso se va dando. Puede parecer lento, pero se demora lo que tiene que demorarse, lo importante es creer y participar. Cada uno de nosotros es un motor del cambio.

Nunca antes había habido tantas personas y organizaciones trabajando por un mundo mejor, desde fundaciones, escuelas, comunidades intencionales. Y nuestra apuesta en la fundación ArteSumapaz va por esas líneas.

ArteSumapaz es un espacio para la transformación personal y del entorno a través de sus diferentes capítulos. Como actividad central, esta la creación artística en medio de la naturaleza. La naturaleza, sus ritmos, sus formas y su sabiduría informan la creación y el arte, pensaba Paul Klee. Klee convirtió la Naturaleza en el "fundamento de su quehacer artístico". Así mismo, la creación y la expresión artística son parte fundamental de nuestra naturaleza humana en sus procesos de evolución y de sanación. El compartir en comunidad de artístas es un factor fundamental para el quehacer creativo de todos los días en ArteSumapaz.

Reconocemos nuestro aspecto salvaje y poético a través de la danza, el canto y la música, el ritual, la improvisación y en general la creatividad como parte integral de nuestra misión. Todas las artes son bienvenidas. El arte tiene el poder de trasmutar y sanar heridas y traumas; Y es capas de impactar tanto al individuo como a la sociedad.

ArteSumapaz esta situado en una centenaria finca cafetera (Hacienda Australia) con una extensión de 116 hectáreas donde emprenderemos un proyecto de restauración del bosque nativo. Apoyándonos en los relictos de bosque primario que han sobrevivido intactos. Restauraremos zonas que fueron convertidas a la agricultura y a la ganadería devolviéndolas a su estado natural en una amplia zona del terreno de la finca y generando senderos ecológicos que en el futuro estarán pobládos por esculturas monumentales y land art o arte de la tierra. Estos espacios que estarán abiertos al publico.

Proyectamos también la creación de una pequeña comunidad intencional que habitara un fragmento del terreno con el fin de cuidarlo: los habitantes seremos los guardianes del territorio, los guardianes del bosque, viviendo alineados con la naturaleza y operando con protocolos y procedimientos de permacultura o cultura de la permanencia.

A traves de cada una de estas iniciativas buscamos tener un impacto positivo en la comunidad local, en una geografía que ha sido históricamente golpeada por la violencia. Esperamos así mismo ser una influencia positiva a nivel nacional como centro para las artes y la cultura.

Todos aportamos nuestro grano de arena. Y cada aporte es importante. Y es la suma de estos aportes que harán la diferencia. Cuando la masa critica supere su punto de alquimia el cambio se hará evidente y se precipitara por su propio peso.


Artesumapaz 26/08/21
(Last night)

The fireflies were out to say goodbye
I’ll always carry them with me
Or at least their memory

I’ve no need for one final look
Because I appreciated everyday with you
My eyes rolled around the mountains
Perched on top of the volcanoes
Everyday I said goodbye
With a melancholic affection
When I closed them to sleep

I dream of hypnotic movement
My feet along sacred mountain paths
The forest clearing high up and a kiss in the rain
Or tongues lolling in the mouths of happy dogs
These are the things I’ll carry with me

The sounds of this place
I love the sound of this place
It feels alive, air that vibrates
Lovely, lively calls, birds bugs beasts
It all falls into place so well, perfectly

So I’ll say good bye with a smile
And see you further down the road

by Harry R. Masson