Artesumapaz 26/08/21
(Last night)

The fireflies were out to say goodbye
I’ll always carry them with me
Or at least their memory

I’ve no need for one final look
Because I appreciated everyday with you
My eyes rolled around the mountains
Perched on top of the volcanoes
Everyday I said goodbye
With a melancholic affection
When I closed them to sleep

I dream of hypnotic movement
My feet along sacred mountain paths
The forest clearing high up and a kiss in the rain
Or tongues lolling in the mouths of happy dogs
These are the things I’ll carry with me

The sounds of this place
I love the sound of this place
It feels alive, air that vibrates
Lovely, lively calls, birds bugs beasts
It all falls into place so well, perfectly

So I’ll say good bye with a smile
And see you further down the road

by Harry R. Masson