International Women’s Day

We are in a point in history where the old structures inhibiting the full power of women are slowly eroding. Let us continue the journey, and celebrate all women, individually and collectively, who have helped ArteSumapaz become what it is: the women who’ve worked here; the women who’ve made art here, the women who’ve doctored; the women who have farmed; the women who have written, and painted, and sculpted, and photographed, and edited, and cooked, and fermented, the women who’ve inspired, who’ve played music; have sung; and informed, and led – the women who’ve helped us all live; in work and play and fully participate in the richness that is life.

The poetic act of the dance of life

The Artist in search of Totality

When the seed of my father fertilized my mother’s egg, a new organism was born. Initially a Stem Cell; a living being, sacred, made up of atoms as old as the Universe itself and with all the genetic information necessary to make me who I am. This first cell reproduced, multiplying and creating new cells in a magical alchemical process of mitosis.

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Books about Colombia; recommended

Whether you’re coming as a volunteer or as a visiting artist, if this is your first visit to Colombia, there are a few really wonderful books that are worth reading. Here are our recommendations:

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Founder’s Manifesto

Recently, in meeting with another foundation director here in Bogotá, I was inspired to write my own manifesto:

Global warming. War. Famine. Disease. In the face of these countless crisis we face in our world, we believe that the presence of art provides a deeply abiding affirmation of hope. Inherent in art is a constant questioning of the status quo, of what is established, what needs to be questioned. It gives individuals the permission to look both more deeply within and in the world around them. It elevates the taking of time to contemplate, to observe more keenly the relationships of all things with everything. We explore the stories and myths that abide in our collective memories, that guide us backout of our struggles, both as a people and as individuals.

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