Victoria’s Secret Fellowship – A Dream Come True

Since the beginning of the Foundation in 2019, there has been the desire to create a fellowship for Colombian artists to carry out an artistic residency.

In 2023 Victoria’s Secret approached us to see the possibility of us working together. They welcomed the idea of ​​financing a Fellowship that would offer month-long artistic residencies to 13 Colombian women visual artists. Each stipend would include transportation from anywhere in Colombia to ArteSumapaz, artistic materials and obviously a comfortable room, meals and workshop space to work and create.

For the call we had a prestigious Jury made up of Claudia Hakim, artist and former director of the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá MAMBO; Joyce Lamassonne, artist and director of the Lamazone gallery; Luz Ángela Lizarazo, well-known Colombian artist, as well as Peppa Herrera, artist and director of the ArteSumapaz artistic residency program. 

The Fellowship began in January 2024 until July 2024. The winning artists have been able to work in a natural environment of great beauty in contact with artists from different cultures and countries in an inspiring and transformative space.

Exhibition In the Galeria Lamazone

The Fellowship will conclude with an exhibition in Bogotá in the month of August at the Lamazone Gallery. This exhibition will focus on the work done during the residencies.

We take this opportunity to especially thank Victoria’s Secret, the jury participants, and all the people who have made this dream come true. Likewise, a thank you to Galería Lamazone for offering us their wonderful space for the final exhibition.

The selected artists were:

  • Lina Moreno
  • Laura Riaño Cabrera
  • Maria Elisa Gómez
  • María Paula Lozano
  • Angélica Chavarro Franco
  • Valentina Garcés
  • Berta Ibáñez
  • Olga Mercedes Bautista
  • Angela Cadena Gómez
  • Pilar Vargas Pinzón
  • Ararat Sofía Vargas
  • Karen Olaya
  • Luisa Velasco Escalante

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    1. Hi Ira! This was a fellowship for Colombian artists. At this time, we don’t have any fellowships available. We do have different volunteer opportunities (partial or full), however, for those who don’t have the resources to fund their own residency.

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