The poetic act of the dance of life

The Artist in search of Totality

When the seed of my father fertilized my mother’s egg, a new organism was born. Initially a Stem Cell; a living being, sacred, made up of atoms as old as the Universe itself and with all the genetic information necessary to make me who I am. This first cell reproduced, multiplying and creating new cells in a magical alchemical process of mitosis.

And so with these things a small being begins to grow, and will  do so for nine moons.

And their consciousness begins to awaken little by little from the mother’s womb, initially as “ocean consciousness”: one in which there is no duality; this being is one with his mother, one with the All. The child’s body is still part of his mother’s body almost like another organ; a growing organ.

And at nine months, the mother’s body is forced to expel this new being. And, for the first time the baby is physically separated from the mother. And, even when this experience is traumatic, initially the skin-to-skin contact between mother and child as well as the permanent care of the mother, make the baby not yet realize the division.

The child is not yet aware that their body is separated from their mother’s body and the rest of the Universe, (or are they really?) Perhaps their experience is still one of unity with the All.

And the newborn is perfecting touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. And they discover wonderful colors that they fall in love with and songs that invite them to move in rhythm. And so, little by little they discover their own identity, different from the things and people around them: what  they observe, what they touche, what they hear; colors, light, music, voices, dad, mom. Everything that moves in front of the eyes is out.

And so we fine tune the movement, and we learn to move, to walk, to run, to dance, to sing. We are perfecting the language. And it is precisely the spoken language, the language, which is responsible for making it very clear that we are separated. That we are individuals apart: “you are Pedro and I am mama”.

And we end up internalizing that we are separated from our parents, from other people and from the world in general. It’s me and the Universe. We lose the awareness that we are really stardust: One with the Cosmos.

In this new individuality we discover, pleasures, sorrows, loneliness, freedoms, and the ability to express ourselves, creativity: games, drawing, poetry, singing, dance; an expression of its own And it is precisely thanks to this false sense of separation that our unique capacity for individual expression flourishes. And perhaps through Art, and/or deep creative processes, we discover that it is possible to recreate or re-enter the “oceanic experience”, the unity with the Universe, non-Duality. Then some artists undertake a search, back towards Unity, moving in that fine line that exists between individuality and the connection with the All. And perhaps Art becomes a process of self-knowledge, a way back to the center of ourselves. A means to vibrate as a well tuned instrument and be part of the musical piece that makes up the Totality.

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The poetic act of the dance of life
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