Announcing volunteer/residency opportunities

As we enter our seventh month here at ArteSumapaz, we are so grateful for the many volunteers who have shared their time and energy with us. Volunteerism wasn’t really a part of our dream to begin with, but a chance meeting with someone who had participated with the volunteer platform Workaway turned us on to the possibilities; and since then, we’ve had over 30 volunteers from all around the world!

Several of our volunteers have also wanted to participate in our International Artist in Residence Program, but couldn’t afford the full fee. We’ve worked with those artists to create a program in which they pay half the fee, and still provide some volunteer time as well. giving them even more time to spend in the studio.

If you can afford it, I still recommend the full residency. It’s actually a fairly modest cost considering it includes all meals and a private room and bath. For visual artists, we have an enormous shared studio space, while there are also some other spaces that are ideal for writing or making music.

If you’re interested in either the full AIR program, or the volunteer program, or a mix of the two, send us a note, and we’ll be glad to help you create the best experience possible.