Updates March 2019

I’m currently in Japan for the month of March, attending my own artist-in-residency at Studio Kura, in Ishotima, Japan. Besides getting to focus on my own work, I’m getting to see firsthand how an established AIR functions.

On my return at the beginning of April, we’ll be making the move to Hacienda Australia. April will pretty much be a month of settling in, and figuring out what we need to procure. We’ll also be doing some construction, raising the roof on the community studio space.

If you’d like to come and visit during April, send me an email. We can certainly use all the volunteer help we can get!

We also are drying the ink on our applications for non-profit status in Colombia, as well as a separate organization with 501c3 status in the US, that will assist ArteSumapaz, as well as a mandate to help connect artists outside of Colombia with resources in Colombia.

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